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Preowned Kurt Wilson LP-Style Electric Guitar w/ OHSC

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Low in-store inventory, may be subject to change.

The guitar is in excellent condition. Not mint, but it looks great overall. Frets are pretty much spotless and everything works as it should. Tone is what you'd expect from an LP-style guitar, but more flexible with the coil taps (push/pull for each pickup) and Kurt's typical tone variation design which, I believe, activates two different cap values via another set of push/pull pots for each pickup. This one can cover a lot of ground.

As always, this guitar has been treated to a brand new set of strings and a deluxe setup here in the shop. That includes a full fret polish, setting neck relief / truss rod, dialing in nut slot height and string action, setting the pickup height and more! So, you can rest assured that it is playing its absolute best!

Comes with the original TKL hard case.

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