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Preowned 2011 Framus Vintage Reissue Hollywood Singlecut w/ HSC -- Black

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Low in-store inventory, may be subject to change.

Here is a cool preowned Framus Hollywood Singlecut from their short lived vintage reissue line. This has instantly become a shop favorite ... unique tones, nice build quality, and lots of European cool factor. Fun way to add a unique vibe to a collection without spending a ton of cash!

This model was offered for a short time around 2010-2013, and was made in Korea. A very authentic tribute to the original Hollywood SC guitars from the 60's. The pickups have a really cool low output voice that sounds more like a true single coil than a P90 (despite similar shape). Middle and neck position tones are warm, clear and really musical. Gloss black with cream binding and plastics is a classic combo.

Condition is VG+. No major dings. Frets are in excellent shape. Electronics are all original and working well. Ships in a well fitted, but non original hard case.

As always, this guitar has been treated to a brand new set of strings and a deluxe setup here in the shop. That includes a full fret polish, setting neck relief / truss rod, dialing in nut slot height and string action, setting the pickup height and more! So, you can rest assured that it is playing its absolute best!

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