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Benson Amps Germanium Boost Pedal

From Benson:
While germanium transistors are revered in the pedal world for their warm, natural, and utterly vintage-sounding tone, there’s a very good reason why most builders have switched over to silicon. The fact is germanium transistors are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature. Luckily for vintage tone connoisseurs everywhere, Benson Amps have perfected the art of germanium stabilization, resulting in their ultra-stable Germanium Boost pedal. This pedal’s cutting-edge error correction circuit eliminates the odd artifacts and sonic fluctuations that have plagued germanium-based pedals since guitar stompboxes were first invented. That’s certainly an impressive feat of electronics engineering, and Benson Amp’s dedication to germanium has paid off in spades. The Germanium Boost’s simple 1-knob design admirably covers all your bog-standard boost duties while simultaneously imbuing your tone with a lush liveliness and harmonically lush musicality, even at unity gain. It’s just about the dictionary definition of an “always-on” stompbox!


  • Germanium transistor boost pedal for guitar, bass, acoustic-electric guitar, and more
  • Cutting-edge error correction circuit stabilizes the pedal’s germanium transistor, eliminating all the historic tone fluctuations and sonic artifacts that plague germanium transistors
  • Perfect for driving the front end of a tube amp or fattening up low-output pickups
  • Imparts your tone with a rich, musical, and harmonic-laden music edge at all levels of the boost’s sweep
  • Simple, straightforward 1-knob design

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