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Rusted Soul is a hard driving melodic force based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The music will pull you in with captivating storytelling. Anyone within earshot is instantly drawn in by the power and the soul of their sound. The band consists of Fred Hadley on vocals, Jennifer Fowler on bass, John Ward on guitar, and Kyle Reid on guitar. Rusted Soul is working on an album release scheduled for the end of 2013.


Musician Profiles:


Fred Hadley Vocals

Growing up, Fred’s exposure to country, gospel, classic rock, metal, and R&B molded his style and crafting his unique sound. Music has been the only constant throughout his life and has helped him with the ups and downs.


Jennifer Fowler - Bass

Jennifer grew up in a musical family with a father that played guitar and grandparents that sang and played the piano. She has been in a number of bands prior to joining Rusted Soul and is engaged to Fred Hadley. “I’ve found a home in Rusted Soul; I thoroughly enjoy the music that we create and feel honored to be a part of something so beautiful. I’m greatly blessed to have also gained some new brothers,” says Jennifer.


John Ward - Guitar

John studied music theory and composition at Kennesaw State University and specialized in classical guitar under Mary Akerman. Joining Rusted Soul in the summer of 2011, John adds a unique mixture of classical, rock, metal, and jazz to the melodic and hypnotic style of Rusted Soul. He found his way to Rusted Soul after reconnecting with his old high school friend, Fred Hadley. John performed in several bands before finding Rusted Soul and says, “I finally found my musical home.”


Kyle Reid - Guitar

Kyle was born and raised in a family of musicians in New Orleans, the city of blues and jazz. He started playing saxophone at the age of 9 and got his first guitar when he was 15. In the late 1990s, Kyle played Bass in a metal band in New Orleans called Asphyxia; he has a talent for picking up an instrument, quickly learning, and can hold his own at the drums. Kyle is excited to be the newest member of Rusted Soul and feels that the band members click creatively. Kyle says, “I am looking forward to building the Rusted Soul brand into a strong force in the industry. It’s wonderful to find this group of musicians and they have made me feel right at home.”

Rusted Soul

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