TC Electronic Corona Chorus

TC Electronic Corona Chorus

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If you said that TC Electronic wrote the book on guitar chorus, you wouldn't be far off. Their SCF is still one of the most lauded chorus/flange effects out there. But if you're not willing to part with the cash, or simply don't need anything quite so involved, and you still want the signature TC chorus sound, then you're going to love the TC Electronic Corona chorus effects pedal. What's more, the Corona features TC Electronic's TonePrint technology, which allows you to download a completely different chorus style into a third slot via USB. Choose from a list of amazing custom chorus styles developed by some of today's hottest guitarists just for TC Electronic. When you pick up a Corona, there's no telling where your tone will go!

  • Specs

    -3 chorus types including SCF- and TriCorus-style effects

    -TonePrint gives you instant access to custom pedal-tweaks made by top performing guitarists

    -Speed, Depth, Color and Level controls let your sculpt your chorus sound from subtle to extreme

    -Stereo I/O for added flexibility

    -True Bypass preserves your tone

    -ToneLock protects your presets under all circumstances

    -Easy battery access

    -Small footprint saves precious pedalboard space

    -High-quality components

    -Road-ready design