MXR iso-brick M238 Power Supply

$214.27 Regular Price
$149.99Sale Price
The MXR Iso-Brick pedalboard power supply is proof that MXR has a finger on the pulse of guitar players and their needs. As always at MXR, they recognized a need for a pedalboard power supply that fits with the way music makers play and the gear they use to make their music - enter the Iso-Brick. Boasting 10 fully isolated outputs that are optimized to handle a wide range of pedal types - vintage or brand new, analog or digital - MXR's Iso-Brick is just right no matter what your pedal pleasure may be.
  • Details

    -A rugged, reliable, and compact pedalboard power supply
    -Modernized for your digital effects pedals
    -Great for vintage analog pedals to get the tone you're after
    -LED indicators keep you aware of pedal status
    -Includes a right-angled power cable for pedalboard friendly mounting flexibility
    -Variable-voltage outputs let you change tone using voltage

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