Ampeg Micro Half-Stack

Ampeg Micro Half-Stack

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The Ampeg Micro-CL Stack is the bass amplifier combo you've been waiting for. The Micro-CL Stack gives you the real sound of an Ampeg SVT bass amp, but at volume levels your family and neighbors will appreciate. It's made up of two parts, a 100-watt solid-state head and a punchy yet appropriately quiet 2 x 10" matching cabinet. And when you need to go totally silent, just plug in a pair of headphones.
  • Details

    -The perfect bass rig for getting classic SVT tone at a manageable volume
    -An ideal head and cabinet combo for practicing, rehearsing, and playing small gigs
    -Includes both a bass amplifier head and cabinet
    -100-watt solid-state bass head gives you the sound of a real Ampeg SVT amplifier
    -Dual inputs (0dB and -15dB) accommodate both low-output passive pickups and high-output active pickups
    -Built-in effects loop lets you use your favorite pedals the way you would with a full-sized rig
    -3-band equalizer lets you tweak your tone to taste
    -Stereo line input allows you to play along to backing tracks
    -Headphone output makes it possible to practice in total silence
    -Included 100-watt, 8-ohm cabinet provides another vital part of the SVT sound
    -2 x 10" low-frequency drivers deliver classic Ampeg punch at a manageable volume
    -Total weight of 46 lbs. (13.8 lbs. for the head, 33.2 lbs. for the cabinet) makes this one of the most portable bass stacks ever

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