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Canton Music Academy & Lesson Program

At CMS, we think that personalized, one-on-one music lessons are the best (and fastest) way to learn a new instrument, hone your musical skills, break out of a rut, or just expand your musical horizons. And it’s never too late to learn!

The program is simple and flexible … all lessons cost $30 per half hour lesson, per person, once per week.

Guitar, bass, piano, voice, banjo, mandolin, brass, woodwinds … if you want to learn it, there’s a good chance we have an expert instructor who can offer you a lesson program tailored to your needs and learning style. All lessons take place right here in our shop in one of our six dedicated lesson studios.

To enroll, just call or email us at the shop. We’ll find a day and time that works for you and your chosen instructor, and that becomes your time slot every week. No long-term commitments. Your time slot is reserved until you tell us that you need to change it or cancel. And, besides the tailored, expert instruction, you’ll also get the opportunity to show off your skills at one of our recitals, camps or performances.

Check in with us today to take your musical journey to the next level!

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