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Kiana Gibson


An artist/educator and corporate marketing consultant, Kiana is based in Atlanta, GA, and has been featured in Drum! and Tom Tom magazines. Kiana is a Board Member for Hit Like a Girl and also takes on the role of Community Development Manager with a focus on expanding equity and diversity in drumming. 

Excerpt form "Drum Magazine" New Blood Column:

"Happy accidents make for great surprises. Going into ninth grade, Miami native Kiana Gibson signed up for a woodshop and robotics class but was placed in a music class due to a clerical error. She was just about to contact school administrators but saw a drum set in the music room and decided to stick with it. That snap decision helped define the next decade of her life. Within a few years, she was posting covers to YouTube and earning a notable following. Roll through her account to see a collection of expertly filmed covers showcasing her punchy, powerful style. She turned more heads in 2016 after cementing a spot as a Hit Like A Girl competition finalist and even caught the attention of Lil John Roberts, who's taken her on as a mentee and student. She's currently gigging around Atlanta and giving personalized Drum Lessons to Children and Adults."

We are thrilled to have Kiana taking new drum student at Canton Music Shoppe a couple of days per week. Call, email or stop by the shop to inquire about Kiana's schedule!

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