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Very few bands can come close to matching the rich, precise sound, the dynamic vocals and the overall performance excellence of Black Wolf Moon.


Formed by industry veteran Tim "Timberwolf" Jordan in 2011, this 4-piece band (often performing with a guest female vocalist) has a bold "arena rock" sound with an exceptional vocal presence.


If you love live music and classic rock and roll, then you won’t want to miss Black Wolf Moon.


Tim "Timberwolf" Jordan - male lead vocals, bassist, acoustic guitar, harmonica, backup vocals

"Timberwolf" is the heart and soul, and the creator and organizer of BLACK WOLF MOON. Back in early 2011, he acted upon his "vision" to put together a group of accomplished musicians who would put on exciting and dynamic rock and roll shows all around metro-Atlanta, Georgia. With hard work and dedication to their craft, Black Wolf Moon has slowly and systematically transformed into the polished show that it is presently.

A native Texan (born in Amarillo, Texas and raised in the desert southwest of El Paso, Texas), Tim's music influences are diverse, but uniquely Texan. At the age of 10, Tim began his music career by learning to play a 120 bass accordion. At 13 years old he owned his first 32 dollar electric guitar from the S.S. Kresge's "dime store!" After becoming proficient on both the accordion and guitar, Tim received an electric Farfeisa keyboard for his 16th birthday. It was playing the keyboards that he started the band "The Shades of Kai."

By 1977 he was enrolled in the Commercial Music program at the University of North Alabama and was playing guitar with "The Rockin' Horse" Band out of Muscle Shoals, Alabama. After college, he moved to Huntsville, Alabama and became the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the very popular rock band RAVEN. Tim used those years to hone his stage and performance skills as the band played shows all over the Southeast United States including all over Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee. In the years following, Tim continued to be actively engaged in live rock performances. In 1990, he began learning to play the bass guitar. Soon, he was hooked and has chosen to concentrate all his efforts and passion on the bass guitar, as well as honing his unique singing style.

When asked what were his greatest musical influences, Tim stated "My greatest influences were the 'Bobby Fuller Four' and 'Rod Crosby and The Intruders.' That was the greatest era of rock n' roll in El Paso. Those guys were great and I was mesmerized by their performances." He went on to add, "Another big influence was Tim Kleinman of 'The Fugitives,' a popular band based out of Ironton, Ohio. I got to hang out with Tim for a whole Summer because he was dating my cousin Val."

It was really from those early influences that Tim became hooked on live music and the dynamics of live performance. When pressed on who his favorite recording groups of all time are, Tim gave a diverse list including "Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Crabby Appelton, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Blue Oyster Cult, The Beach Boys, America, Kings X, Mother's Finest, AC/DC, Black Label Society, Government Mule, The Doobie Brothers, The Eagles, Jackyl, and Alice N Chains."

Having Blackfeet American Indian bloodlines, Tim has studied the various American Plains Indian traditional Medicine teachings under his Algonquin medicine teacher, Ernie River Elk. It was Ernie who gave Tim his Medicine name "Timberwolf." It was in this American Indian spirit and the culture of the Blackfeet people that Tim named the band "Black Wolf Moon." Tim hopes to record an original CD soon with the band...


Nick "The Kidd" Moss - lead/rhythm guitar, bass guitar, talk box, lead and backup vocals

Nick Moss was born and raised in West Georgia and is truly a throwback to the classic rock and rollers of the 60's and 70's. He is a very smooth, versatile and accomplished guitarist. This born-several-decades-late phenom is the youngest member of the band. He has always been involved with music, from listening to Beatles records at the age of three, to playing live music beginning in his early teens. Nick has the incredible ability to play a wide array of musical styles, smoothly going from rock music to folk/country to blues to classic metal to a touch of jazz, with what seems like no effort at all.

Nick also has a great singing voice and does a phenomal job with the "talk box," a unique instrument that made rockers like Peter Frampton and Joe Walsh famous. From the Chuck Berry twang to a distinct Led Zeppelin crunch, Nick is able to move seamlessly from genre to genre, always matching the right sound with the right style. The Kidd prefers to use strictly "Line 6" amplification systems to shape the various sounds that are required to play such a diverse array of songs as performed by Black Wolf Moon.


Tyrone Steele - drums, percussions

Drummer Tyrone Steele has opened for Joe Diffie and Mother’s Finest, and performs as an independent drummer in the Atlanta area. Tyrone teaches on occasion at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, and from his home studio in Sugar Hill, GA as well as at various music stores around the northern Atlanta, GA area. He is trained in fusion, Latin, be-bop, rock, and metal. Tyrone is a staple in the Atlanta drumming community and comes highly recommended by many artists, instructors and peers for his attention to detail, timeliness, meter, creativity and ability to drive any band or music style. Tyrone is a multi-instrumental composer and lyricist. Tyrone’s name has appeared in the Georgia Country music awards:
“Tyrone is the consummate perfectionist and his drums have a tone that is remarkable and I think that is just one of many things that sets him apart. He is easily the best drummer I have ever played with.”

— JC Bridwell, November 2013

He began drumming in 1983. He served in the Marine Corps from 1989-1995. In 2011, upon completing a Master of Divinity and M.A.R. program at Liberty Theological Seminary, he began his musical education at the Atlanta Institute of Music, and received the Merit Scholarship for outstanding performance. He was personally trained by Tom Knight and Creig Harber, and instructed by Dave Weckl.

His drumming influences are: Benny Greb, Bernard Purdie, Carter Beauford, Chris Coleman, Dave Weckl, Dom Famularo, Gary Novak, Horacio Hernandez, John Blackwell, Marco Minnemann, JoJo Mayer, Steve Gadd, Steve Smith, Tom Knight, Vinnie Colaiuta.


Bob Stewart - keyboards, bass, vocals

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Bob Stewart joined the local rock music scene at the tender age of seventeen. Following his start in Tucson, Bob turned pro and moved to L.A. with several of his band mates. They found good success touring and playing various venues in Southern California. Much of this time was spent performing with ex-Raspberry, Scott McCarl. It was from this true industry veteran that Bob learned his keen performance and songwriting skills. If you've ever heard "Lonesome" Bob play, you will know that Bob Stewart is a true Keyboard Aficionado.

Before joining BWM, Bob could be seen playing solo at a number of Atlanta area clubs. He even opened for Exile at a concert in Rainbow City, Alabama. Bob considers himself to be a rhythm keyboard player. He prefers to stay in a tight pocket with the bass and drums. He plays a Yamaha Motif through Motion Sound amplification to get the piano, organ, and other keyboard sounds his performances require.

Black Wolf Moon

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