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Ashley Steinberg

Piano / Voice

Ashley Collver is a 2005 graduate of Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, where she earned the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Voice. She later attended Rhema Bible Training College, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, having completed her studies in the School of Pastoral Ministry in 2008.

A native of Bloomington, Indiana, Ashley grew up in the South Georgia town of Americus in a very musical family. This afforded her many opportunities to sing and eventually play the piano in various situations, doing various styles of music. She wrote her first song when she was five years old. Solo parts were given her in school and church programs during these elementary years, as her quick ear for harmony and pleasing melodic tone became obvious.

While a member of her school’s band for six years, having joined in the fourth grade, Ashley’s knowledge of music-reading, and particularly her skills on the trumpet, were refined. It was during this time that she began and continued to develop her abilities in picking out chords and tunes on the piano, as well. She has enjoyed playing the piano, as this has enabled her to produce her greatest musical expression: singing.

Ashley bought her first car from her first actual after-school job: teaching piano lessons. She has continued to teach voice and piano in Georgia, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, for the past 17 years.

It was while she was in the ninth grade that Ashley was asked to participate in her school’s pageant. Her long-time desire to sing of her faith, before her peers, was finally realized. So, at age fourteen, and as the only freshman contestant, Ashley received the talent award for her performance of “I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel”.

Ashley’s years of travel with The Lee University Campus Choir and the tour group, Power Unlimited, afforded her performance opportunities in every region of the United States, as well as in the countries of England, Ireland, and Wales. She was the alto section leader for the Lee University Choral Union and performed in many recitals and special musical events during her college years.

While in Tulsa, she traveled with the crusade team of Kenneth Hagin Ministries for four years and served as the assistant to the choir director of Rhema Bible Church. Ashley was also employed by the studio of Brook Fine Arts where she taught over one hundred students during the course of four years.

In 2010, Ashley was so pleased to return to the Chattanooga, Tennessee area to live, when she was invited to become the music pastor of Living Faith Church. For three years, Ashley was the worship leader, choir director, band instructor and small-team vocal coach for the entire music department. In this church setting, many benefited from Ashley’s combined musical talents and pastoral callings. Her love of people and desire to teach led to healthy, working, ministerial relationships among the team members; this was further nurtured in consistent rehearsals, workshops, and retreats, all due to Ashley’s watchful oversight.

Ashley values people. She does not waste time. Her teaching will get you “from A to B”, but sessions are conducted with patience, appropriateness, and encouragement, and always with the student’s best interest in mind. She looks forward to beginning a musical journey with each new student and is passionate about passing down her love for music!
Ashley Steinberg

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